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Kimchi Kraut Triple Pack

About us....

As passionate chefs, we have always wanted to produce a range of sauces and make them available to others. For many years we have been convinced of the superior goodness and flavours that Local & organic ingredients offer, so the decision to stay largley with the organic theme was an obvious choice.


In September 2013 we began work on developing a small range of tomato based table sauces, which has subsequently increased to the wonderful range we offer today, which include sauces, salad dressings and fermented foods.


Since inception we haven't looked back, we have invested many more hours of relentless love and toil in further developing and perfecting our fermented sauerkrauts & sauces, which we proudly put our name and reputation to.


We do not license our production to others, we proudly & lovingly produce our own. Every single one of our sauces are made by us, in Northchapel (Petworth) West Sussex UK.


We are Arnold's Condiments, the Sauce Saucerers, and we love them all.



Simon & Karen Arnold  


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Lacto-Fermented foods such as Sauerkraut contain probiotics from a 100% natural source! Probiotics are live Microorganisms that promote good digestive health. We need to include more of them in our daily diet to maintain good Physical and Mental Health!

Were you of the opinion that bacteria are bad for you? Bacteria and other microbes are often thought of as a source of disease. In fact, many Bacteria and other microbes play a very important role in keeping you healthy.

Your body contains trillions of microbes, the vast majority of which are beneficial. The largest population of microbes are found in your gut, playing essential roles in digestion, immune function and weight regulation.

What you eat, quickly changes your gut microbes. Are you eating the right kind of foods to help your good gut bacteria?




plural noun: probiotics

a probiotic substance or preparation.

a microorganism introduced into the body for its beneficial qualities

Sauerkraut contains healthy probiotics that aid digestion. Research has found raw sauerkraut could help prevents cancer cells from forming!

Research now shows that gut bacteria can also provide clues as to whether or not type 2 diabetes is present. In fact, changes in intestinal microbes are often detected before other symptoms of type 2 diabetes have even emerged

The intestinal environment plays a larger role in bodily function and health than just digesting food. Immunity begins in the gut and any decreases in health-promoting microbes can negatively impact the body’s immune system and therefore, the body’s ability to ward off disease

A large percentage of shop purchased sauerkraut is pasteurised then packed into glass jars. Pasteurisation is an important process for many foods, but not for Sauerkraut. The process of lacto-fermentation of cabbage, creates live lactobacillus bacteria and other beneficial microbes, which when heated during pasteurisation die off. Both Vitamin C and Lactobacillus Probiotic Bacteria found in sauerkraut, responsible for helping you with your digestion, are killed during pasteurisation. So always choose un-pasteurised from the professionals at The Sauerkraut Company!

Lacto-Fermented foods such as Sauerkraut contain probiotics from a 100% natural source! Probiotics are live microorganisms that promote good digestive health, actual meaning "for life", we need to include more of them in our daily diet to maintain good mental and physical health!

Lacto-Fermented Sauerkraut, contain the good bacteria Lactobacillus. Lactobacillus Bacteria feed on sugars and create lactic acid. The same "Lacto" that is found in many dairy products such as unpasteurised Milk!

Why is Sauerkraut so good for me?

Cabbage contains natural isothiocyanate compounds (such as sulforaphane), which have cancer-fighting properties. And as long as you choose the unpasteurised sort, sauerkraut is teeming with beneficial lactobacillus bacteria – more than is in live yoghurt – which increase the healthy flora in the intestinal tract. This helps the immune system fight infection, and aids digestion, hence sauerkraut's venerable reputation as a remedy for upset stomach and constipation.

Aim for local organic Sauerkraut, it should always be unpasteurised and refrigerated! You want a living, growing product. It's important to choose Sauerkraut that does not contain vinegar! Vinegar kills live Bacteria!